TimeBytes offers a variety of services to meet the needs of any size company on any budget. We can develop everything from an open source system that requires no licensing fees to a completely customized enterprise strength solution to a hybrid of open source and vendor-based technologies.

Our clients engage us to provide them help in two distinct areas: momentum and technology.

In the first case, we are engaged to assist your existing staff in building a system that is well-understood, but under-staffed. We are then able to offer our assistance in designing and building towards a deadline that would not be acheivable without additional help. This help often comes in the form of 1- 3 developers joining your team on-site for a limited amount of time - usually 2 - 6 months.

We also offer momentum off-shore services - we have a strong relationship with a development house based in India that can work with us on larger-scale development projects. By choosing us for your outsourcing needs, you receive on-site help from our talented architects, project managers and senior developers - while much of the junior staff is located in an area where costs are far lower than the US. Our solution offers the best of both worlds - lower-cost offshore development with local accountability, support, training and project management.

In the technology area, our developers and architects have skills in XML, Linux, Java and other areas that your in-house staff may not. By bringing us aboard, you assure an opportunity for your current developers to learn these new skills by working closely with some of the best talents in the industry.

Please email Eric or call (214) 646-1613 to discuss your project's goals and specifications. TimeBytes welcomes the opportunity to develop a proposal for your review.

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